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music video [leave the digital grind behind]

Saturday, July 23, 2011 comments powered by disqus

My friend Zee (whom we called amo) have this idea for a music video and will join a lomography contest. Yours truly shot and cut the vid and now I'm posting it with her permission. It is entitled my daily bore.

We used the music of Jeepney Joyride, "We Don't Want to be Famous". Yes, with permission.

Let's leave the digital grind behind! (Yeah, like this one! haha :)) ,and go outdoors! Feel the sun. Dance in the rain. Smell the pollution. Make some noise. Travel. Shoot some pics. Smile. See the people around. Hug trees. And pee on it?

Let's all eat, drink and be merry 'cause tomorrow we will die! :)

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