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Captain America Fits This Blog. It's a Bore!

Saturday, July 30, 2011 comments powered by disqus

Captain America perfectly fits this blog. It is a bore! It doesn't help that we watched it not in iMax. Thou in digital 3D. But with or without the fanfare of it (the 3D and the iMax), this movie, to say the least is wanting. We can always understand Transformers or Fast and the Furious for not having strong stories. Because their selling point is its action scenes. And hell yeah! ,they're giving it fully. But with Captain America, you don't even have a decent action sequence. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But it is not satisfactory. There are many action scenes that remind me it is just a movie. It's special effects is too mediocre for a superhero movie. And it lacks imagination. 
     Well, in the first place I am not really a big fan of superhero movies. Save for some. Like Spiderman. For it has engaging characters and interesting story. Simple but sincere. Not to mention its amazing action scenes. Speaking of suspension of disbelief. I never experienced it in Captain America.

     Not only its action parts, where it should rate high, are lame. Forget the story. It is worse. It has some ambition to be big. But it falls flat. 

     Oh well, some scenes with Tommy Lee Jones have witty banters. But that's about it. Just watch those lines in youtube soon. But of course this is generating a good number of viewers, specially in this country, where we equate Hollywood summer movies with quality. I heard a lot of people saying they already watched the film and nobody's complaining. Maybe, I am just not the market for this kind of flick. A courteous way of saying you don't like certain things and that this movie is not worth your time.

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