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Friday, July 8, 2011 comments powered by disqus

We should have started "Squid", a tattoo magazine but i don't know what happened that it didn't push through (yet). This is a draft of the editorial I was writing for the maiden issue. It was titled "The Birth of Squid". It is now "Squidless".

     How do squids give birth to another squid? The male and female squids ____ their brains out then natural-biological process forms the zygote inside the womb? And then this fertilize ovum upon conception now develops and eventually birth their so-called offspring? Assuming that I get the jargon right, do we give a ____?
     But of course, we are not a pseudo science journal or some food blogger in clout. We are the yuppies we would like to believe. The eternal youth of everlasting boldness. The counter culture that society's beginning to notice. Ink, tattoo, piercing, beer, girls, the indie scene of movies and music, toys and other things of cultural-social-anthropological significance. "Heaviness!" you may say. And again, why would you give a ____?!

     When I was teaching some years ago, I always tell my students in each opening of the semester: I'm not promising you your learnings. Because it shouldn't come from me. But this I promise -- you will be entertained. 

     Simple logic can equate that the worth of anything is the happiness it will bring. And common sense, which is not so common, and some imagination will connect the dots and meanings to all that's happening. Humility aside, entertainment and depth, we have that. And you can read each _______ article while feasting on the visuals. Gritty and with _______ attitude; raw and sincere; witty, wet and seemingly absurd. Like life. 

     Now you fill-in the blanks. Because fittingly, the song "bla bla" of Gianna Naninni is playing in a random-play-all-iTunes as if saying that this self-serving purple prose shall end now so you can start turning the pages. Beautiful vices!

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