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movie review: transformers

Friday, July 8, 2011 comments powered by disqus

I haven't watched the movie. I guess I'm not one of the core market this movie is cathering to. I can discuss some other time stories that I prefer to see. But who wants to know? haha :) Anyway, going back.. My two good friends saw it and have some things to say about the film. With their permission, I am posting their reviews.

     First is from Ninjaman, our head writer in many of the TV shows the past years. This is from his blog "Songs of the Salamander":
   With Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay shows us that he doesn't really need a story, character development, or any of those things a person usually looks for (consciously or unconsciously) in a movie after his twelfth birthday. All Michael Bay seems to need are lots of robots beating the living shit out of each other, some hokey teen drama, and a smattering of that AMURIKA, FUCK YEAH! attitude. I didn't appreciate the teen drama since I never cared about Sam Witwicky anyway, not even in the Generation 1 cartoons. I didn't appreciate the America worship for obvious reasons. But I did appreciate the robots. Because Transformers have always been about the robots and their ridiculous war.

     A part of me, the part that enjoys thought-provoking science fiction, wishes there was more to Transformers. They're an alien race. Of giant robots. That are sentient. Who have evolved a culture of deception. Who are virtually immortal. Who have been warring with each other for millions of years. Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, or Philip K. Dick would have gone to town with the philosophical implications. But then, maybe Transformers can never be anything more than a franchise about toys murdering each other.

     With that realization, I sat back, pretended I was 12 years old, and enjoyed Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

     Another friend, Christianism, our co-creator in some of the TV shows that I will not mention, posted his review in fb. The poster above is from him too. Thou I don't know where he got it :) Or maybe, it's his own. Anyway, here's the review:

     When I was about to watch Transformers Dark of the moon, I left my movie critic and connoisseur self on my bed coz I already know there will be no mind boggling and mind fucking story in the 3rd installment of Transformers. Instead I brought the 7-year old self with me. Yay! The movie has loop holes like a Swiss cheese. It was a good attempt to put some historical “chenes” in the movie like the first landing in the moon, Chernobyl incident…etc. but whoa! There were ”emo” robots? Yes. I’m looking at you Megatron. So what if Sentinel Bitch slapped you? Dude you were sitting and crying your candy ass off when the big fight was happening. And Oh! Stop snickering Starscream! Witwicky whooped your ass! Fer crying out loud you got nukes! You got Nukes on your arms! And Prime. I know, I know, I know those metal cables are thick which is why you are literally hanging around, but for the love of Cybertron, you have a blade that tears through metal like butter. And you mercilessly executed a begging for mercy Sentinel Prime in front of the kids. That’s gonna grind off a few points from your Pogi and heroic meter. But nonetheless, I love the movie for all the robots that bash and tear each other apart like there’s no tomorrow. I still love to see big hulking robots transform into automobiles. I’ve enjoyed the movie. If you are looking for a complex plot and fine acting then this movie is not for you. However if you like robots beating the crap out of other robots, alien invasion, damsel in distress because she was captured by a robot car with tentacles then Transformers Dark of the moon is for you. I Love you Megatron.

     There you go! And after some weeks, I should be watching it too. DVD version. I told you, I'm a bore! :)

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