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Jam 88.3 FM is a Good Find. Minus Their Afternoon Pussy Talks

Saturday, December 15, 2012 comments powered by disqus

Jam 88.3 is a good find. While it plays mostly popular rock and alternative songs and doesn't have a comprehensive hard-to-find rock playlist compared to the now defunct NU 107, it is somehow giving its listeners good reasons to tune in. But there's one thing i think they could reconsider -- their afternoon pussy talks with lame topics and obvious perspective. 

     I wouldn't mind hearing controversial but interesting views of Mo Twister or the happy banter of Tony Toni with his friends. Or the very masa Papa Jack giving his advice. While they are not necessarily always agreeable, their opinions are always interesting. But with Jam's afternoon uninteresting conversations about lifeless topics, I am sorry to say but it's a bummer. 

     Generally speaking, Jam 88.3 is still my radio station because alternative is the only genre that I will never get tired listening. The said radio station is accompanying my nights while I'm asleep and the days while doing the daily routine or other unexpected shit load. But come lunch time, I will find some other FM stations or just play some mp3 files from iTunes. Or just watch porn. Or just watch some mindless noontime TV shows.

Pacquiao, Boxing Savior

Monday, December 10, 2012 comments powered by disqus

I was watching this hero even his name wasn't familiar yet. That time, no one thought that he will go the great distance. Except maybe for his self, with his determination and raw talent. I was watching his fights that time because of its entertainment value. Almost same as my age, I never had the chance to see other boxers ring "brawl" as Pacquiao. Other fighters are just too systematic and scientific to be entertaining.

     Fast forward, with all the endorsements, acting gigs, political activities and other distractions.. His face down in the canvas, I can't help but feel its pain and in a way be nostalgic. The man considered by many as boxing savior has fallen. And despite the popular and uplifting comments from the populace that it is not how hard you fall but in the way you stand up again.. Failure is something that can linger longer that it appears. When he was knocked down, together with the world, I was also in disbelief and was speechless for some seconds. Of course, he is still wealthier than most of us. But the triumph and celebration of the possible was also put to a halt. What died, even temporarily, is our illusion of immortal greatness. Our hallucination that with determination, everything's possible. Because in real life, failure is more than a possibility. It's the reality.

     But I hope Manny can still fight with flare and gusto. Ageless and without fear. Just like his first matches. Or just like that last fight. Not necessarily with the same result.

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