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Bishops and SUVs, the telenovela

Thursday, July 14, 2011 comments powered by disqus

In the senate inquiry, Bishop Puebles said  “My actions have been misconstrued . . . cast a shadow of uncertainty on my dignity and moral ascendancy as a bishop.” And he also stressed that it was “service to the public” that motivated him.

     Again, that line! It was service to the public that motivated him. Are not the priest our church's foot soldiers? And the missionaries? The bishops are also doing the laundry work? And assuming that they are.. In the convenience of an SUV?

And now, another cause of concern (from inquirer.net):

Catholic lay groups led by former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza on Tuesday launched a signature drive and fund-raising campaign to support the bishops.
Atienza, a leader of the country’s Catholic prolife movement, said the lay groups planned to seek donations from ordinary Catholics to raise P8.258 million that the bishops had received from the PCSO.
He said the money could either be returned to the PCSO or given to the bishops for them to buy new vehicles if the cars they had bought with money from the PCSO were surrendered to the government.

     Why are we pampering these bishops? You are going to raise P8.258 million for them? Why not give it to the poor? There are so many beneficiaries. More in need. More deserving.

     What's happening?!

What's this?

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