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Bishops and SUVs

Saturday, July 9, 2011 comments powered by disqus

Courtesy of inquirer online, I read what our good bishops' responses to the SUV controversy they are in:

Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla:
I don’t know why they take it against us and make it appear scandalous.

Tandag Bishop Nereo Odchimar:
(1) There are other beneficiaries who are not from the Catholic Church.
(2) Is it because of the bishops’ position on the RH bill?
(3) The CBCP’s individual members are “directly” answerable to the Pope. CBCP itself cannot sanction erring bishops.

Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad:
If P-Noy wants to get it, it’s ready (referring to the Mitsubishi Strada he bought with a P1.1-million donation from the PCSO).

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles:
The main intention of the PCSO is to destroy the credibility of the bishops.

Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos:
(He request for a P1.7-million Montero Sport)
This issue has already divided and damaged CBCP.
(He also called President Aquino “vindictive,” blaming Malacañang for the straits he’s in.)

And this is Bishop Pueblos letter to former president GMA:
For a brand-new 4×4, as your birthday gift to me, be assured of my constant support.

     Sure I want to have some hot wheels for my birthday too! And as one of the bishops said, he requested that SUV for him to attend to his people. That his service car (or whatever vehicle) is already old and weary. What a life! Can any politician give me even a small car so that I can help people too? That would be kewl!

     I am glad some priests are expressing publicly their views against this issue. But true to form of historical hypocrisy, bishops can fire back at them and ask "What storm do you prefer -- bishops requesting SUVs or priests molesting children?" Whew! Something's got to give. 

     Or maybe.. That's the way the cookie crumbles! 

What's this?

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