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The Natural High

Thursday, September 22, 2011 comments powered by disqus

The cliché topic of drug addiction and its awry shitty-shitty-bang-bang effects not only in the society but most evidently, to the self. In this raw and in-your-face docu, the audience will watch as 5 cases of drug addiction unfolds the screen. Its method, effects, climax and denouement to its sometimes bloody and painful ending or the goody-goody thank-god-I-quit resolution, will be seen, experienced and tasted by the drooling audience. This documentary will capture the blood, needles, sniffing, state of delusion, aggressive nuances, its hyper and lonely attributes and the unmatched feeling of natural high.  

Five lives of drug users will be depicted through real footage and full documentation of their daily hostile routine. Or otherwise their selves as the loving family man, "ideal" daughter, or just simply the individual as a God-fearing person. The documentary shall and will lay bare the physical process, personal struggle, emotional weight and the after effects of such actions and decisions
     The result may vary - some will be reformed and rehabilitated, some will stay hooked and some will worsen. This documentary will be the social-mirror that will educate the public and acquaint the masses to reality. As there will be no indication of drug-invitation, there will also be none the hang-ups, hypocrisy, or any self-righteous purple prose blah-blah! Ruthless it may seem, but that is what it is -- 


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