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OKC Thunder is Boston Celtics' Biggest Hope to Enter the Finals

Sunday, June 3, 2012 comments powered by disqus

here's the script: stern's 1st option is miami and spurs in the finals. that match-up can create the highest possible ratings given the present factors and teams. old school vs the young. teamwork vs individual performances, the highlights etc. it gives more drama compared to old school vs old school (boston and spurs) or both the young teams (okc and heat). also, the market is wider. from the old audience to the younger ones.

see for yourself how the referees are calling fouls and other violations that create opportunities for free throws and possessions.

but if the okc can win over spurs, then stern has no choice but to instruct the refs to make some adjustments in favor of the Cs to achieve the same drama, effect and ratings. just different characters and teams.

of course, it's a different story if a certain team has an overpowering skills to win the series. it's like the pacman knock-outing opponents. but if it's the judges' call, then there's the rub.

by the time that okc bags the west, analyze how the tide and calls eventually favor boston. more than the game, it is tv ratings.

now that Boston Celtics is plague with injuries and age concerns, not to discount their heart and resilience, okc thunder is their biggest hope to enter the finals.

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