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Picture! Picture! : Freelance Writers of the Philippines' 1st Organizational Meeting

Monday, August 22, 2011 comments powered by disqus

(At the end of this blah blah are pictures taken from the 1st organizational meeting of Freelance Writers of the Philippines.)

What caught my interest and imagination yesterday in the first organizational meeting of Freelance Writers of the Philippines was a comment from one of its founders. He replied that we should consider first what we can do to help the org more than what we want. Not that I want to raise a howl because honestly, I'm cool with everything that happened. Everyone's friendly thou some are shy. And most importantly, pardon the mushy tone.. We are all in one direction.

     Going back.. I think it raises existential and fundamental question of why we write and what we are as an artist. While it is true that needs, pressing and long-term, push us to work.. What's more important in all artist, I assume, is not the need but the want. I know, it is not as immediate as answering questions of "What should be the permanent name," "What should be the next steps," and other physical moves. But it may define not only the personality of the group, but the credo of each member. 

     The idea of selflessness in favor of the majority, for me, is not only overrated. Moreso, it is troubling. 

     The worth of anything and everything is the happiness it will bring. Our sacrifices, our giving of things and help to others, our giving of time to our friends, etc. It is not only for them, but for the self as well. Because we are happy doing it. Because if we are helping for the sake of helping, that's a chore! Because if we want to work for money, we shouldn't be here. And we shouldn't be writers, or artists. Again, I assume.

     My friends, everytime and anytime that someone is telling me thanks, I said he's/she's welcome and a follow-up that I want it and I love it. So, in the line that says let us think first of what we can do to others.. Let us think first if we want it. No contest. (But open for comments.)

     Good morning :)

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