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Christopher Lao's Floating Car

Friday, August 5, 2011 comments powered by disqus

Just when we thought that that day's breaking news was the resignation of now Ex-Senator Miguel Zubiri, came the more trivial report: a certain Christopher Lao was rushing to go through a flooded street. His car floated then blamed MMDA and everybody around with now the famous line, "I should have been informed!"

     There were mixed reactions. And of course, we will always understand the laughs and criticisms because of his defensive and rowdy attitude. That instead of admitting his miscalculations, he got mad and was pointing the blame on bystanders, on government and on the GMA news crew that interviewed him. Arrogance!

     Later we find out that he is an honor student in UP and now studying law. So some mellowed it down. But lo and behold, some souls still have the balls to continue their comments. In fact, it flamed more! That a well-educated man acted that way.

     Some were saying that we all make mistakes, that we shouldn't poke fun and judge him based on what happened. His flood miscalculation, that is. But that's not the point. People are irate with him not because he tried to drive his car passed flood. They were and they still are because of his defensive and egotistic reaction. Now he is an online sensation. What others are working hard to achieve, you got in minutes time. Congrats!

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