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Amalayer Girl and the Irony of People Cursing an Angry and Arrogant Annoyance

Sunday, November 18, 2012 comments powered by disqus

August 2011. Christopher Lao was helped by bystanders after he plunged his car in the water. Then he blamed them for not informing what was ahead of him. Then the GMA news team that interviewed him. Then the government.

     August 2012. Robert Carabuena was caught on video hitting an MMDA officer when he was pulled over by the traffic enforcer.

     November 2012. Paula Salvosa also known as Amalayer girl was seen berating a lady security guard. According to her, the lady guard grabbed her arm.

     Some months ago, I was in NAIA Terminal 1 to fetch my mother. I was about to go where she's at when an airport guard stopped me and grabbed my arm. I told the guard in a low-tone authoritative voice, "Why?". And he told me that I'm entering the wrong gate. I replied, "You just have to tell me. Don't grab my arm, I don't know you."

     November 2012. Hours after the Amalayer incident, it was trending on twitter. Paula was condemned left and right for her action and grammar. One celebrity icon tweeted that whatever the lady guard might have been said or did, Salvosa over-reacted. 

     At first, I don't know how to react. But I think something's missing for this girl to be the subject of hate. 

     Christopher Lao blamed everyone including those who helped him. He knew he was in an embarrassing situation and tried to get out of the mess by blaming anyone. That made him an asshole. Amalayer girl didn't blame anyone but the guard. She's mad at the security guard so she directed her assault to her.

     Carabuena physically stroked an MMDA officer and some other threats. Paula is irritating and maybe a conceited kolehiyala but in no way a threat. n fact, there wasn't any curse. Only the annoying amalayer words, ad nauseam. And also the fact that she talked to a security guard in english. Is she annoying? Yes. Does she deserve the humiliation and cyber harassment? No. 

     Despite the popular sentiment crucifying Amalayer girl for what she's done, I beg to differ. Of course, she should have answered calmly. But when emotions are high, while it is not impossible to do what's logical.. It is very likely that we will forget what is emotionally right.

     The bandwagon replies are telling other tweeps that given the same situation, they will not snap back the way she did. So easy to tell those condemnations. So easy to be logical when the incident subsides. Are we telling now our twitter friends that not in our life we fought back and raised our voices?!

     One comment on Youtube said, "Fuck You Amalayer Girl! If I see you, I'm gonna hit you in the face, arrogant bitch!" He came up with that comment after seeing the video on Youtube. And he's so affected. What more if he experienced something bad or annoying in person? The irony of it! People lambasting an angry bitch!

     Of course, it's a different story if this Amalayer girl is just making up stories. If she just had a bad day and along the way came an innocent security guard. Thou I guess there's a grain of truth to what they were saying. Both the guard and Paula. Of course, each side favors the self. Of course, the lady guard said something that Salvosa didn't like. Of course, Amalayer girl over-reacted.

     If there's anything that this brouhaha taught us.. It is the irony of self-righteous Pinoy that is very ready to cast the 1st stone whenever an opportunity presented itself. While public officials, like Sotto, are accountable to the masses for every wrong turn they make.. An individual citizen and netizen has the freedom to feel violated and fight back in a manner legal and not harmful. He/She is not obligated to pleasure each person that he/she encounters each day. His/Her responsibility is his/her self. He/She has the right to shout and cry, laugh or voice out his/her concerns, commit mistakes and say sorry if deemed necessary. 

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