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The Cliché Story, A Fairy Tale. And I Love It! [Notting Hill Movie Review]

Thursday, September 20, 2012 comments powered by disqus

Tale as old as time. Yes, a fairy tale. A cliché story of having the impossible. You can almost expect what will happen in the end. But with witty brit humor, lovable characters and entertaining hollywood storytelling.

Then you will remember the old issue that was Hugh Grant. Caught in a car having sex with a prostitute. The issue was not that he had paid for sex. But the kind of prostitute. Think of the Avenida type 500 pesos hooker. Not the high class escort service for politicians and businessmen. 

Okay, it was an exaggeration. Not the Recto type. It was like the Malate girls. But you get the grip. 


That was the issue headlined by the media. But they never hated him for it. In fact, he got some more movies again after the incident. Thankfully.

It is an old movie, relatively speaking. And I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of story. I want blood or pain, melancholy or any disturbing realities. But after watching Notting Hill, I say let's go back to fairy tale. At least from time to time. Because sometimes, we need to believe in something. No matter how hopeless. Yes, that human spirit! That mushy message.

Well, is it an escapist film? Yes! 

Is it worth your time? Yes!

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