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Being and Nothingness. Death and Liberation. Halloween and Tradition.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 comments powered by disqus

Let us forget first that we are christians, or roman catholics, or whatever religion affiliations we have. Let us assume that we are men of logic. And well, of emotions. Then we pose the question of being and nothingness. What if there is none whatever after death? Or should we put it -- after life? Just like before we were born. It is a sad premise but not unthinkable. Because the opium that is religion, like love, makes us believe of things unknown and impossible.

     Of course, there is nothing wrong with believing. In fact, it is stronger than doubt. But the universal eventuality called death is not only melancholic, but also tragic. Specifically when we hope and believe that conscious spirit is what we will become after death. I mean, in the after life.

     But there's none a single empirical data that there is heaven or hell. Well, precisely because those are states of consciousness and spirituality, rather than a physical place. So attempts, if there's any, will just be that -- attempts.

     Not only the religious teachings are saying these angles but as well, the new age perspective.

     When I was a child, the idea of death and nothingness not only baffled me. But more-so, it melancholically engulfed me. Of course, as time goes by and we age, and we have other things to worry, and rationalize things more and more, we almost attain that level of objectifying death and existence. And of course, we always talk about death as if it is not our own. As if it will come too much later to worry now. And like what I said, our ardent hope and faith that our religion is right. That there's the metaphysical realm after death. But what if there's none?

     Of course, we can always argue in the side of sentimentality, ethics and nationalism. That life's worth is in the memory of the world after we're gone. May it be in our personal circles or in the history of larger scope. 

     But what about the existential truth? The being and nothingness. For death and liberation is only true in the perspective of the living. But what about the self? 

     This is in line with our religious tradition of bringing candles and flowers that I remember this wondering. Does my father know that I brought him some flowers yesterday? My grandmother and grandfather, are they aware that I visited them with some candles and prayer?

     I hope.

     Because the ultimate end of all these eventualities is our own death. The future is gloomy. The future is death.

     Happy Halloween everyone.

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