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What Men Want [with Kuya Jobert] : Extended Trailer

Saturday, October 1, 2011 comments powered by disqus

It was a segue not unthinkable but was a complete turn around, in gender speak. From the show Usapang Lalake to the program Us Girls. But I'm not complaining. Part of it is Ledz's, the associate producer, judgment of giving me a considerable amount of "rough" and kewl segments as compared to fashion, style and trends. For I may not give it's glorious justice to "clean" segments. Another reason is the wonderful group that I find too scarce in this entertainment industry.

And thankfully, Studio 23 is in some sort of rebranding. From the poshly channel to a more manly mood. Think NBA, PBA, UAAP and NCAA, etc. In the continuing streak of creating segments for the Kabarkada network, from Wazzup Wazzup to Eow Pohwz, and some other short lived shows; from the most trivial to the more political subjects; from the wackiest and the naughtiest to the most serious tone; the joys and tears; some travels and sleepless nights.. Here, is another fruit of mainstream entertainment:

Kuya Jobert of the Ding Dong fame.

I just edited this segment few hours ago and now sharing the extended trailer. Watch u want!

What's this?

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